StepTwin folding bike launches

The StepTwin folding bike is available for pre-sale on Indiegogo, with estimated delivery in March.

It is a cross between a regular bike and a cycle stepper, with the aim to give riders the choice of "how they’d like to pedal based on their needs".

This is due to StepTwin’s dual bionic independent chain drive, which means riders can choose to pedal normally in sequence, pedal both feet simultaneously, asynchronously, or just with one foot.

Riders can also choose to remove the bike seat and adjust the handlebars.

The team said: “Walking and cycling are gaining popularity in order to maintain good physical fitness and promote health.

“This triggered our imagination to create a product that would combine both walking and biking.

“We created the challenge to develop two independent drives for a bicycle. 

“After ten prototype iterations, we have finally produced a StepTwin bike we’re proud of.

“We’ve been using it since it’s creation and wondered why we didn’t do this sooner.”

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