Bkool launches Smart Air trainer

Bkool has launched the Smart Air direct-drive trainer.

The resistance unit is suspended in mid-air, acting like the rear wheel of a bike, and it has a rocking system and flexible stand.

The brand said: “Its pedalling feel, combined with the new rocking system concept, will make you feel like you’re riding on the road.”

It has 3000 watts of power which allows it to simulate gradients of up to 25 per cent and the impressions when going downhill, including the inertial feel, are the same, letting the rider reach speeds of 70 kph.

The internal mechanism has been designed to minimise noise, and the brand has said it is the most silent trainer in its line-up and “one of the quietest on the market”.

It also features a 27-point calibration system at different speeds and power levels, and the power is adjusted by a system that relies on an infrared sensor that measures the temperature inside the trainer.

The new trainer is compatible with all types of seven to 11-speed Shimano and Sram cassettes as well as with all rear hub widths.

It also has a black finish covering the entire surface, with matte touches and yellow highlights.

Bkool added: “A few pedal strokes on the bike is all you’ll need to realise how different and revolutionary this concept is.

“The thing you notice most when you start pedalling is a feeling of freedom unlike any other you’ve experienced before on a trainer like this.”

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