Product partner advertorial: Get your e-bike manufactured in Wrocław

Xin Xu outlines how bike brands can utilise the EBFEC Group’s manufacturing power at a time of global supply chain disruption and production capacity shortage

In the west suburb of Polish city Wrocław lies the gigantic production base of the EBFEC Group. Trucks loaded with electric bicycles depart from here for European countries every day. Though only one year old, this factory has risen to become one of the largest bicycle factories in the region.

At a time of global supply chain disruption and production capacity shortage, the EBFEC Group offers its solutions by welcoming all bicycle brands to utilise its manufacturing power. “Get your e-bikes manufactured in Wrocław!” announces Nico Law, CEO of the EBFEC Group.

More than 200,000 units per year
The facility covers an area of about 10,000 square metres, with two professional e-bike production lines in operation. The annual output is designed to exceed 200,000 units.

“Now we’ve got 60 co-workers around,” says Law. “Soon 40 new colleagues will join, then the capacity can jump to 249,600 units a year. And expansion is certainly on the way. In addition to assembly, we will set up a wheelset line from Holland Mechanics next February and a powder coating line next June. Both are open to brands, meaning you can get these processes done in one single place, that is, our facility.”

The factory meets local and European standards of environment and safety. “Since commencement, we have received many factory visits and inspections from brands and authorities,” adds Law. “I am proud to say that all of the visitors were pleased. Of course, new inspection requests are welcomed. Just make an appointment with me.

“We are applying for ISO 9001 quality management certification, as well as EUR1 documents and exemption of certain anti-dumping measures. We believe these accreditations may give more assurance to the clients.”

EBFEC offers three different cooperation modes to brands: OEM, OBM and ODM. “For OEM, we have come up with ten e-bike prototypes for the year 2022,” says Law. “And for ODM, we have a professional R&D team and supply chain management team on standby to provide side-by-side assistance. For OBM, we will help you get everything nicely prepared and organised.”

The EBFEC Group is specialised in supply chain management. The group works closely with manufacturers to ensure predictable and controllable supply of parts, which is becoming more and more difficult at this time. Apart from the traditional ones, the group also partners with some emerging manufacturers, including SHENGYI, L-Twoo, NUTT, Logan, Jak, etc.

“The industry has been struggling with supply issues for quite some time,” says Law. “By introducing new suppliers of parts, we want to restore clients’ confidence of orderly and timely delivery. Our network in Asian countries is broad and our intercontinental teams have tens of years of experience in the global bicycle industry. I would say this is the core advantage of us.”

Just drop us a call
Having come back from Eurobike, Law is still excited about the grand presentation at the exhibition. “On Eurobike we got very positive feedback. Our professionalism and openness were highly remarked. 2022 is approaching and it’s the right time for bicycles to be produced. To make that happen, just drop us a call.”

Any inquiry about manufacturing can be sent directly to Nico Law at or via +48 512 337 221.     

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