Shimano shuts down fake clearance website 

Shimano has announced that a fake clearance website has been shut down, following complaints from the brand. 

In October, the Japanese component manufacturer revealed it had been alerted to an online page,, which was posing as an official Shimano site.

After raising a complaint with the authorities, Shimano announced that the counterfeit site was shut down in early December. 

A statement from Shimano, released last week, said: “We would like to inform you that the fake website ( posing as our company was closed.

“As announced on our website on 22nd October, 2021, after discovering the site in question, we promptly sent a petition for its closure to the relevant agencies and organisations, including sending a warning letter, and we have confirmed that the site was closed in early December.

“We will continue to take resolute action against any suspicious websites posing as our company or our group.”

Earlier this year, Shimano announced that it had stepped up its efforts in combating counterfeit goods and intellectual property theft. 

The new crackdown on fake goods involved greater collaboration with law enforcement from the brand and the possibility of legal action against those selling products posed as official Shimano parts. 

Following the latest closure, Shimano added: “Accessing suspicious websites or inputting your personal information may not only cause you to be a victim of fraud but also cause your personal information to be misused.

“Please be careful not to access any suspicious websites or enter your personal information.

“Moreover, if you believe that you have accessed a suspicious website or been a victim, or there is a possibility of becoming a victim, we would like you to immediately consult with authorities that assist consumers or other relevant agencies, such as the police.” 

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The site in question was using the Shimano logo, product pictures and other content without Shimano’s permission. 

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