The Magene L508 rear light

Magene releases L508 radar tail light for more riding safety

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On 26th May 2022, Magene released L508 radar tail light, becoming the second brand after Garmin to offer a tail light product with radar. In July, Magene listed the L508 on its official website and Facebook feeds and it is now available for purchase on multiple selling platforms, wholesale to dealers and distributors.

Based on its self-developed technology, Magene Technology has a wide range of cycling products, including bike trainers, power meters, bike computers, sensors and radar tail lights. As Hector Dong, Magene’s product director, said at the launch event: “Cycling safety deserves effort from more brands.” The release of L508 radar tail light is a further innovation brought by Magene. For riders, Magene represents greater choice for radar tail lights.

Magene L508 radar tail light gives visual and audible alerts on the display terminal to warn riders about approaching cars from behind, up to 140 meters away and at 10-120km/h relative speed. When a vehicle suddenly moves from behind within 140 meters, L508 can turn into flashing mode to give a stronger warning. The product is also compatible with Garmin, Wahoo, Magene, and Bryton bike computers and watches.

The radar tail light is also equipped with a high-precision acceleration sensor, to swiftly detect even slight braking and trigger three seconds of highlight flashing, while normal oscillation and small bumps won’t trigger false alarms. The light also supports five light modes including solid, flashing, pulse, peloton and only-radar modes. After connecting the device to the Magene Utility App, users are able to customise the interval time and flashing pattern.

The device also supports vibration sensing, and automatically enters sleep mode after five minutes in idle state to save energy and wakes up when the bicycle is in use, extending the battery life to up to 16 hours. The L508 has a suggested retail price of  $129 (USD) and is available now for consumers. UK and EU RRP coming soon. 

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