Peaty’s launches Holeshot BioFibre tubeless tyre sealant

Peaty’s has launched the Holeshot BioFibre tubeless tyre sealant, following two years of development.

“Sealant might not be the most exciting topic, but Peaty’s have been working super hard on a replacement formula for the past couple of years,” said a statement from the brand. “The result is a totally new eco-friendly, puncture stopping, ride and race run saving Holeshot BioFibre Tubeless Tyre Sealant that has been flat out tested to be better than the rest.

The brand says it will seal a 6mm hole, but it’s also regularly healed 8mm gashes in testing. It seals bigger holes quicker and more permanently by using a higher concentration of sealing compounds.

How does it work?

– It uses water-based, ammonia-free latex but the big news is the addition of new fully biodegradable cellulose fibres and specifically sized puncture plugging biodegradable (eucalyptus starch) particles.
– No microplastic fibres
– It works with CO2 inflators -15º to 50º C – temperatures, 15 – 120psi temperatures, every
tyre and plug Peaty’s could find, and stays fresh for over six months.
– It comes in 120ml, 500ml, 1L, 5L and 25L sizes and despite performing significantly better
and costing more to make, the brand says there is no price increase over the previous sealant.

120ml = £7.99
500ml = £19.99
1 Litre = £29.99

Tubeless Conversion Kits will all now come with the new Holeshot Biofibre Sealant.

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Earlier this year Peaty’s launched the new Holeshot tubeless puncture plugger kit and CO2 inflator kit. The brand launched its new Bicycle Brush Set in late 2021, including the Bog Brush, the Detail Brush, the Drivetrain Brush and the Tyre Brush.

Silverfish was announced as the exclusive UK and Ireland distributor for Peaty’s in 2020. Retailers interested in becoming a Peaty’s stockist should contact their area sales rep, call the sales team on 01752 843882 or email

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