Ere Research unveils new line of performance saddles

Ere Research has announced the launch of its new saddle line.

Designed with the needs of professional and beginner cyclists in mind, the saddles offer comfort, performance, and versatility for riders of all levels, according to the brand.

The new saddle line does not consist of just one or two saddles. Ere Research goes all in and adds a collection of saddles to each product family – Genus, Omnia, Explorator.

Ere Research founder Piet van der Velde continues to search for the best ways to combine performance, comfort and durability. For the saddles, Ere has added the innovative Comfort Trigger and Dynamic Torsion Bar.

The Comfort Trigger is a system that allows riders to adjust the flexibility of the saddle while they are riding, with three distinct adjustment positions, offering a 10nm difference.

Another key feature of Ere Research saddles is the Dynamic Torsion Bar. This provides enhanced strength and stability to the overall saddle structure and incorporates an additional bar connection between the left and right sides of the saddle understructure, specifically the saddle rail.

Its purpose is to support the added stress and load that occur when riders use the Comfort Trigger system. By integrating the Dynamic Torsion Bar, Ere Research ensures that the saddle can withstand the demands of the Comfort Trigger’s adjustments.

Carola Noordermeer, head of marketing at Ere Research, said: “With our commitment to innovation and design, these saddles are crafted to meet the demands of riders at every level.”

To accommodate every rider, Ere Research offers different variants in each family. From the entry level up, each model is featured with better specs: the added Comfort Trigger, better materials for the base and rails or the addition of the Dynamic Torsion Bar.

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Besides the different choices in material and features, the saddles are unisex.

The ongoing study Ere Research has initiated with the University of Stanford medicine and experiences throughout the last twenty years, has shown that no person is the same in terms of saddle needs, and how they are built in terms of sex, posture, flexibility and soft tissue shape. It is about the right shape and fit. That’s why most saddles in the new line are available in different sizes.

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