55 per cent growth in Cyber Week sales for Citrus-Lime customers

Citrus-Lime’s bike shop clients have seen 55 per cent growth in online sales for ‘Cyber Week’ 2017.

Customers with integrated Citrus-Lime Ecommerce sites have continued to see significant growth in online sales. This spans online orders for both delivery and click and collect.

Compared with Cyber Week in 2016, Citrus-Lime ecommerce customers have experienced an average increase of 55 per cent in online revenue for Cyber Week in 2017. One third of its ecommerce customers experienced a percentage growth higher than 55 per cent. 17 per cent of its ecommerce clients more than doubled their 2016 Cyber Week revenue.

A representative from the brand said: “At Citrus-Lime, we’re advocates of the phrase ‘turnover is vanity, profit is sanity’. We encourage our customers to use our methodology of monitoring ‘weeks cover’, among other key metrics, to guide their retail strategies towards maximising profit at all times. There are a lot of mixed opinions about the future of the cycle industry but our customers who’ve focused on this methodology are seeing improved cash flow combined with increased profits.

“Those of our customers who’ve invested in providing the services the modern consumer demands i.e. ease of finding what they want online and convenience in getting it to them, combined with our retail methodology are experiencing tremendous success. Furthermore, those of our customers who compliment that approach by working with us on a managed Google Shopping campaign, are making vast strides in building profitable and sustainable businesses.”

The brand is contactable via: 01229 588 628, or via e-mail at hello@citruslime.com.

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