Wahoo updates Elemnt computers

Wahoo has updated its Elemnt computers.

They will now be able to receive key metrics from select Giant and Specialized e-bike models, as well as core data from any other ANT+ LEV e-bikes.

Once paired with compatible e-bikes, Elemnt computers with updated firmware will be able to display a bike’s remaining range, battery life, current mode, and assist percentage. In addition, Elemnt workout screens will be able to tell riders how much time they spent in each of their e-bike zones and the estimated remaining range.

“With more cyclists choosing e-bikes to make commuting easier or to make recreational riding more fun, we’re excited to offer an update that will allow Elemnt GPS computers to better serve those riders,” said Wahoo product manager Megan Powers.

“The new update is our latest step to increase the number of sensors compatible with Elemnt GPS computers, and we’re glad to help more cyclists take advantage of our class-leading cycling computers at a lower price.”

The Elemnt Bolt will now also be available in a stealth black-on-black colour scheme, the colour most requested by Wahoo customers and athletes, the brand said.

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