SQlab’s Performance Line now available

SQlab’s new Performance Line range is now available.

It includes the 612 R Ergowave saddle, the One12 SQ-short and the 711 R grips. The new 712 bar tape and 411 R innerbarends will be available in April.

The range is available now through distributor Oneway Distribution.

SQlab 612 R Ergowave
“The raised rear gives more grip and better power transmission, which is a big advantage on straight roads and especially uphill. The stronger and narrower mid-section and the narrow saddle nose give more legroom and the proven SQlab Ergowave form relieves the soft tissue area and prevents energy-consuming bad posture. The saddle shell is weight and flex optimized down to the last detail. The cover is extremely light but also abrasion-resistant and non-slip. The padding is closed-cell and strongly minimised. The comfort comes from the shape and the flex behaviour between rail, shell and foam, which is coordinated as an overall system.”

SQlab One12 SQ-short
“The new SQ pads are only 4 mm thick and initially feel exceptionally firm and high-quality. The first riding impression with the SQ pads is very similar to that of the SQlab saddles. Initially a bit unusual, but with increasing mileage, it becomes more and more comfortable. Unlike many thick and soft pads, the flat SQ-Pad 12 maintains its shape due to its firm design and does not become unpleasantly wedged in when pedalling.”
Size: XS, S, M, L, XL, XL
Pad: ONE12, 4 mm thin

711 R grips
“On the basis of the 7OX, all material was eliminated that was not absolutely necessary. Material needed for a heavy wing is eliminated. The second advantage is that the handle remains perfectly round in terms of driving dynamics. The slightly angular, flat shape on the underside saves material and provides a perfect fit. This ensures that the grip lies loosely and securely in the hand. This saves energy and prevents arm pumping.”
Size: S, M, L, XL
Weight: 59 g

The range can be ordered via shop.o-w-d.nl or +31 10 340 3510.

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