SRAM describes Eagle Transmission as "the dream delivered"

SRAM unveils Eagle Transmission as ‘the dream delivered’ 

SRAM has unveiled its latest product with the new Eagle Transmission.

The Eagle Transmission, marketed by the brand as “the dream delivered”, is a complete redesign of the interface between the frame, wheel and drivetrain.

The innovative product is built around the wheel axle itself and is a fully integrated and interdependent wireless transmission.

It uses no derailleur hanger or adjustment screws and allows the rider to “shift flawlessly under maximum power”.

As a result, the brand believes it simplifies, strengthens, and extends the lifespan of the component.

A spokesperson for SRAM said: “Eagle Transmission is a first-of-its-kind approach to the mountain bike drivetrain that sets a new bar and new expectation to the whole system.”

SRAM is offering the technology in three distinct groupsets, the XX SL Eagle Transmission, XX Eagle Transmission and X0 Eagle Transmission

All three benefit from wireless AXS technology, 10-52 cassettes with optimised gearing, new lighter-weight pod controllers with better ergonomics and a flattop chain to improve shifting performance.

There is also new bash guard options for XX and X0 and full e-MTB compatibility for XX and X0

New power meter options are on offer with spider and spindle-based variants.

XX SL Eagle Transmission

XX SL Eagle Transmission – From £2,355.00 RRP

Defined by SRAM as “the pinnacle of cross-country cycling performance” it is built to serve the most demanding rider’s needs in the lightest weight configuration.

XX SL Transmission is the evolution of SRAM’s XX Eagle AXS. 

The new XX SL Eagle Transmission derailleur is more robust thanks to the hangerless interface and features familiar technologies like overload clutch and AXS pairing process. 

The new XX SL Transmission cassette is a key factor in how the Eagle Transmission offers the brand’s best-ever inboard and outboard shifting performance under load. 

Thanks to its full X-SYNC design, the harder the rider pedals, the better it shifts. 

In addition to X-SYNC technology and re-imagined gear progression, it is also the lightest Eagle cassette ever. 

Still the lightest ISO certified crank on the market, the XX SL Transmission cranks are maximised for title winning stiffness and feature the remarkable new XX SL Eagle Transmission (T-Type) direct mount chainring.

Available with 165/170/175mm crankarm and 34T chainring

XX Eagle Transmission

XX Eagle Transmission – From £2,195.00 RRP

Marketed by SRAM as the “perfect balance of robustness and weight savings”.

The XX AXS Transmission groupset has the strength to handle big enduro days with the weight to make it manageable. 

The transmission takes a holistic approach to a bicycles shifting, an entire system synchronised, providing a superior ride experience. 

Shifting under load is made possible on the XX cassette due to a combination of X-SYNC technology and cassette mapping, creating “seamless shifts” during the hardest power output. 

The XX DUB cranks are based on SRAM’s proven design from years past, featuring new T-Type rings and compatible with new Quarq power meters. 

For more rugged terrain the XX rings are compatible with removable bashguard(s). 

Available with 165/170/175mm crankarm and 32T chainring

X0 Eagle Transmission

X0 Eagle Transmission – From £1,715.00 RRP

SRAM defines this groupset as “the answer to the call to create a ruggedly dependable transmission for enduro needs”.

The X0 AXS Transmission is the brand’s most robust high-performance transmission. 

Shifting under load is made possible on the X0 cassette due to a combination of X-SYNC technology and cassette mapping.

The X0 Transmission DUB crankset is the most advanced aluminium crankset SRAM has ever made.

The X0 benefits from an all-aluminium design with a balanced stiffness to weight ratio making it one of the lightest aluminium cranksets in the market. 

For more rugged terrain, the X0 rings are compatible with SRAM’s removable bashguard(s). 

Available with 165/170/175mm crankarm and 32T chainring.

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Limited launch stock will be initially available from ZyroFisher, and retailers should contact their account manager for more information.

Any retailers with a ZyroFisher account can access the product online.

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