This is Goodyear's largest expansion in road bike tyres since launching the range in 2018

Goodyear launches next generation of road bicycle tyres with four new models

Goodyear has launched the next generation range of road bike tyres with four new models across the Ultra High-Performance (UHP) and High-Performance (HP) ranges. 

The all-new Goodyear tyres mark the single largest expansion and advancement in the brand’s road bike portfolio since official licensee, Rubber Kinetics, introduced the first generation in 2018.

The UHP and HP road tyres have been developed with intended usage in mind. 

Eagle F1R


From the road race and time trial focused Eagle F1 SuperSport R designed for speed, to the endurance road Vector Sport with protection top of mind.

All tyres are produced at the recently expanded dedicated Goodyear Bicycle Tire factory in Taiwan.

The range

The Eagle F1 R UHP all-round road race tyre includes a 120tpi short-ply casing, Dynamic:UHP tread compounding and Tubeless Complete bead-to-bead layer.

The brand says this is “the go-to tire for racers and enthusiasts seeking low rolling resistance without compromising balanced wet and dry grip”.

The Eagle F1 SuperSport R is Goodyear’s lightest weight UHP road tyre, designed to provide performance in road, time trial, and triathlon competition. 


It utilises a 150tpi short-ply casing construction matched with a new Dynamic:UHP compound.

The Eagle HP road tyre offers race inspired performance across a wide range of conditions.

The brand says the tyre is for riders “looking for all-round performance and dependability with excellent puncture protection in either a tube-type or tubeless ready configuration”.

The Vector Sport HP is a multi-condition tyre designed for durability and endurance with enhanced puncture protection.

It features a dual R:Shield anti-puncture belt and 60tpi single ply carcass along with tubeless ready and tube-type options.

The technology

Short-ply casing, found on the Eagle F1 SuperSport R and Eagle F1 R, is a new short-ply construction featuring either 150tpi or 120tpi casing fabric to reduce overall material.

Eagle F1 SuperSport R

This results in a lighter, more supple tyre that rolls smoothly with “class-leading” levels of grip.

Next Gen Tubeless Complete is an updated layup that includes a proprietary Dual Angle Bead design. It offers a reduced weight, improved ease of installation and high air retention.

R:Shield Protection is a tightly woven anti-puncture breaker belt that combines protection with low rolling resistance characteristics and supple on-road feel.

Forward Facing Fitment is designed for use with modern rim widths, the tyre maintains the correct casing shape and tread cap positioning resulting in a faster, more comfortable ride. 

Goodyear Tubeless Complete and Tubeless Ready tyres are compatible with both tubeless crotchet (TC) and tubeless straight sidewall (TSS) type rims following ETRTO fitment guidelines.

The latest compound advancements

Dynamic UHP is a road-specific compound developed to further reduce rolling resistance while improving grip across a wider range of conditions. Found on Eagle F1 R and Eagle F1 SuperSport R models.

Dynamic HP is a blended compound to improve puncture resistance while maintaining dependable grip and low rolling resistance. Found on Eagle and Vector Sport models.

Vector Sport

The next generation range of Goodyear Road UHP and Road HP tyres totals 47 variations across the four models which cater to riders’ needs based on diameter, width and intended use.

Ben Evans, commercial director of Goodyear Bicycle Tires, said: “After years in development, hundreds of samples, multiple compound updates, casing layups, and thousands of kilometres of real world testing, it gives us great pleasure to finally reveal what we’ve been working on.”

“Thanks to the invaluable feedback of our sponsored professional athletes and test riders along with countless hours of development, this is our best performing range yet with rolling resistance decreased by up to 35% and wet grip increased by up to 19% versus our first-generation Eagle F1 tires*. 

“We are thrilled to introduce these new Goodyear road bike tires to the market, providing riders with the confidence to push their limits.”

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The four new models are shipping now with all Eagle tyres available in black or transparent sidewall, and the Vector Sport only available in black.

Tube Type – RRP

  • Eagle F1 R – £60.00
  • Eagle F1 SuperSport R – £60.00
  • Eagle – £45.00
  • Vector Sport – £48.00

Tubeless Complete – RRP

  • Eagle F1 R – £65.00
  • Eagle F1 SuperSport R – £65.00
  • Eagle – £50.00
  • Vector Sport – £53.00

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