Bryton is expanding its product portfolio with the Gardia R300L

Bryton expands product range with first bike radar tail light, the Gardia R300L

Bryton has expanded its product range, releasing its first bike radar tail light, the Gardia R300L. 

The company, which is known for its range of GPS cycling computers, is taking the next step in its growth to develop products focused on cyclist safety.

This rear view radar tail light provides double protection to guard cyclists during their ride. 

When vehicles are approaching from behind, in addition to notifications on a supported bike computer, the Gardia’s smart-light will change modes to provide a warning to drivers.

In order to offer a radar tail light that focuses on ease-of-use, Bryton says it has listened to the needs and feedback of cyclists.

As a result, the radar now works with the tail light functions and compatible bike computers to offer multiple alert options for both the cyclist and vehicles.

If a cyclist is unable to change their trajectory for approaching vehicles, drivers will be notified when the warning light is activated upon vehicle detection up to 190 metres.

By working with compatible bike computers, the product provides both visual and audio alerts to make the rider aware of approaching vehicles. 

When vehicles are approaching from behind, the Gardia R300L will automatically assign a threat level based on relative speed and change to a suitable warning light.

Utilising a built-in G-sensor, the radar tail light can also detect when brakes are applied to notify vehicles behind, reducing the possibility of collisions.

Samuel Wang, CEO of Bryton, said: “This new product, the bike radar tail light, can make a huge difference to cyclists’ safety in terms of making both cyclists and vehicles aware of each other’s presence.

“Our goal has always been to offer full support to cyclists who are fully dedicated to riding since day one.

“Therefore, with each new launch we continue to move closer to providing a comprehensive riding system by expanding our product lines to help strengthen cyclist safety on the road and decrease the overall number of accidents.”

When connected to compatible Bryton bike computers, the Gardia R300L will utilise the computer’s built-in light sensor to adjust its light mode based on conditions.

If sufficient light is detected, the tail light will be switched to day flash to conserve battery or when riding in darker conditions, it will automatically switch to night flash.

During the day, the running light features an interruptive flash pattern, increasing daylight visibility up to 1.6km.

Additional light modes include high solid, low solid, light off and a group ride mode. With a compatible bike computer, light modes can be adjusted manually on screen.

It can also be connected with compatible headlights and bike computers to form a complete network.

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The Gardia R300L, which uses a USB Type-C charging port, offers 17 hours of battery in day flash mode and up to 12 hours in solid mode on a single charge.

Remaining battery time can be monitored in the Gardia app or with a compatible Bryton bike computer.

When the battery is low, the light will be automatically dimmed to conserve power.

To fit the product, the included mount is compatible with 27.2mm, 30.9mm, 31.6mm D cross section, and aero cross-section seat posts. 

The Gardia R300L retails at €129.95 and is available to from Bryton’s UK distributor, ZyroFisher, with stock expected to arrive in early April.

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