Good chance to win beer

The ACT Euro conference voting thingy on page 39 of our latest issue has had very few entries so far. And this despite the free crate of beer! Perhaps it was the tight deadline? It has now been extended so email your vote to David Hyde ASAP. Because of the low 'turnout' (apathy strikes again!) you've a very good chance of winning the booze!

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Your vote counts

But its strictly one-person one-vote. If youve recently voted on one of our website polls and then pressed refresh to vote again cheeky! youll have noticed the vote tally didnt change. This is because weve added a new security feature and youd have to log on from a new IP address each time you wanted to vote

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From Bentley to a bike

According to the Press Association, one of Britain's richest businessmen was today swapping his Bentley and £10 million mansion for a bike (thankfully it's not a budget bike) and £20-a-night bed and breakfast

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Docs on bikes plus Snow

The build up to 'Ride the Net' and the Millennium Festival of Cycling is growing apace. Media snippets are appearing all over the place. Here's a plug from this week's BMJ, the doctor's mag...

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Brand new support for Eurobike

Giant, Koga Miyata, Kona, and Cycleurope have confirmed that they will be participating in Friedrichshafen, joining over 400 other exhibitors at the world's first major international bicycle trade show.

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