Portal Power #3:

Its billed as the ultimate network for active outdoor sports. It has received funding of £4m (one of the last start-up sport dot.coms to benefit from venture capital over-optimism?) and it will create the UKs biggest web-based network of destination sites for active outdoor sport enthusiasts, including mountain bikers. How many portals will still be around in two years? The low-budget, non-enthusiast ones will survive, what about the big spenders?

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Wal-Mart comes out of the closet

According to a report in yesterdays Guardian, the American owner of Asda is to open four standalone Wal-Marts this year. Unlike Asda, US Wal-Marts major on non-grocery items. Wal-Mart is Americas biggest retailer of bicycles (including quality mid-market bikes from Mongoose)

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New Scottish DH series

In response to Clockwork's retiral from the SCU series we have decided to promote our own Downhill series throughout May and June, writes Rod from Revolution, a two-location IBD that wants to keep grass roots downhilling alive

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