Ison Distribution adds Revoloop inner tubes to its portfolio

Ison Distribution has announced the introduction of Revoloop to its portfolio of brands.

Revoloop are best known for manufacturing low rolling resistance, light and compact TPU inner tubes.

Designed, developed and precision engineered in Germany by TPUplus, a specialist thermoplastic polyurethane manufacturer, Revoloop tubes are made from a high-tech plastic based on thermoplastic polyurethane.

The material properties of TPU make them “incredibly light,” according to the brand, (e.g. the 700c x 23/30 Ultra race tubes weigh as little at 25grams).

Revoloop inner tubes also offer unique high-performance latex-like low resistance rolling characteristics along with better air retention properties than many latex inner-tubes.

Each inner tube is crafted from TPU materials and is 100% recyclable at the end of its lifecycle.

Revoloop tubes are made using a patent-pending welding process that makes it possible to form thermoplastic tubes in such a way that an almost flat seam can be produced.

The brand says this technologically sophisticated process enables Revoloop to achieve “exceptional rolling comfort”, while at the same time enabling resistance against snakebite and punctures.

Revoloop valves are also made from a high-strength TPU. The unique internally welded valve base plate protects the tube from damage caused by the rim valve hole and potential valve breakage.

Josh Meyland, brand manager at Ison Distribution, said: “We are excited to introduce Revoloop Inner Tubes to the UK market

“We believe that cyclists deserve accessories that align with their values – high-performance products that are also kind to the planet. Revoloop represents a significant step forward in achieving that balance”.

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To celebrate the launch of Revoloop Inner Tubes, Ison Distribution will be offering a limited-time promotion.

Dealers can learn more about this product, explore its features, and make a purchase at or contact their local account manager.

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