CamelBak unveils new bike commuting packs

CamelBak has unveiled the new M.U.L.E. Commute 22 and H.A.W.G. Commute 30 packs designed specifically for bike commuting.

The new collection combines technical features like weatherproof protection, reflectivity and lightweight breathability into a ‘sleek, stylish design you’ll want to take everywhere’.

“At CamelBak, cycling is not just a lifestyle, it’s a way of life,” said Jeffrey Tomasi, product manager at CamelBak. “Since so many of us bike to work, we designed these new bike commuting products for us and for people like us.

“Cycling has seen a recent surge in popularity, largely thanks to the sport’s role as a sustainable, accessible and socially-distanced form of outdoor recreation. With that growth in mind, we want to continue to nurture all members of the sport, old and new, and we think everyone will find something they’re looking for in our collection.”

To develop its new collection for bike commuting, the brand surveyed bike commuters in a variety of cities including New York City, Washington D.C., Austin, San Francisco and Portland to determine the most important attributes for a pack.

Product developers then incorporated these qualities of weather protection, lightweight, breathability, easy access and visibility into the new H.A.W.G. Commute 30 and M.U.L.E. Commute 22 packs.

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