CHPT3 launches its first dirt collection

CHPT3 is launching its first dirt collection.

The kit was first showcased at the Sea Otter event in Girona last month.

“With a pair of shorts, a pair of undercover shorts and a tech t-shirt we’ve put together the dirt holy trinity,” said a statement. “These are the three contact points and most important pieces of kit for your next gravel adventures and will finally be available to purchase from Friday October 8 on”

The t-shirt is designed for adventure, made to perform under physical effort. It is available in three colours: Concrete, Outer Space or Fire Red.

The tech shorts come in one colour, Stone. They are built to ‘survive the dirt’, with two standard and low side pockets with mesh inside. The undercover shorts are designed to be worn under the dirt shorts when riding off-road, with the seat pad is made for comfort, distance and performance.

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