4Season Collective welcomes Boa into client portfolio

4Season Collective has welcomed Boa into its client portfolio.

Bruce Dalton, strategic director at 4Season Collective, said: “We are delighted to be working with Boa in the UK, and look forward to helping them navigate the complex UK market. Press activation, retailer visits, and training will spread the ubiquity of the Boa Fit System from cycling, into other areas of the outdoors industry. I first raced with a Boa powered product over ten years ago, it’s great to be working with them now.”

Toby McDell, marketing manager EMEA at Boa Technology, added: “We are excited to be teaming up with the dynamic and passionate team at 4Season Collective to strengthen our brand presence, product understanding and trust in the UK market. Boa is already a trusted system within heritage segments such as snowboard, golf and cycling where in collaboration with our pioneering brand partners we have delivered fast, effortless, precision fit to hundreds of thousands of UK consumers, As Boa now looks to develop many exciting new segments, we need a partner that shares the same values of performance, dependability and service.”

Last month, 4Season Collective announced it had welcomed Stefan Wyman to its expanding team in a marketing and brand role, with Eloise Adler also joining the wider team in a role as graphic designer.

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