Wahoo introduces Summit Freeride to Elemnt bike computers, adding climb data on every ride

Wahoo Fitness, the fitness technology company, has introduced a new ‘Summit Freeride’ feature on its’ Elemnt range of GPS bike computers, with climb data available on every ride without following a planned route.

The Summit feature was developed alongside the recently released dual band GPS Elemnt Roam bike computer.

The Summit Freeride brings the functionality of Wahoo’s Summit Segments, but without the need for a cyclist to use a pre-loaded route.

Summit Freeride now automatically detects climbs and displays in-depth information about upcoming, in-progress and completed climbs. Riders can also filter climbs ahead by level of difficulty.

The feature works by utilising the pre-installed maps and elevation data to scan the cyclist’s road, calculate the elevation profile ahead and detect upcoming climbs.

Once a climb is detected, the user will be alerted when approaching the start and it will be shown in the upcoming climb list.

While on a climb if the rider turns onto a new road and continues to climb, the Elemnt will adjust, recalculating and extending the climb.

Summit Freeride previews the elevation ahead for the rider providing information to enable better pacing from start to finish. When a detected climb is completed, it will be added to the completed climbs list.

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Mike Saturnia, Wahoo CEO, said: “Summit Segments has already proven to be incredibly popular with both our recreational cyclists as well as the Pro Riders we support.

“Summit Freeride is a fantastic new feature for cyclists who like to ride without using a pre-planned route. Getting out and exploring is at the heart of what cycling is all about, so we are extremely excited to have this update go live this Spring, as part of our continued commitment to add regular updates to our suite of Elemnt Bike Computers.”

Summit Freeride will be available for use on the latest versions of the Elemnt Roam and Elemnt Bolt Bike Computers beginning Tuesday, May 2.

Wahoo Elemnt Roam: £349.99 RRP
Wahoo Elemnt Bolt: £264.99 RRP

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