Vudu7 reveals redesigned cycling computer

Vudu7 has added lights, a camera, speakers, a horn and a phone to the integrated cycling computer. 

The brand claims that the V is the first cycling computer to fully integrate an android ride computer with these elements into a single rugged device. 

Safety was a key element when designing the product, says a representative from Vudu 7. The device is equipped with 1200 lumen LEDs in wide and spot reflectors for increased visibility at night. The lights are computer controlled for optimum brightness at speed and cam be operated via a thumb controller.

"We wanted a single device that could do everything well; by using a dedicated android computer at the heart of the V we can create smarter functions aiding the cyclists’ safety and allowing them to do more on their rides,” Vudu7 CEO explains Ian Dunn.

The V’s GPS and barometer tracks rides and with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth LE and ANT+ Connect, cyclists can connect their existing sensors to track heart rate, cadence and power to analyse performance.

The V app provides smart features including a tamper alarm, bike tracking, a crash alert, multimedia routes and a customised horn. Users can plug a SIM card into the device to receive and make phone calls and use data packages. Calls can be conducted via a 3-watt stereo speaker, which can also be used to listen to route directions.

Vudu7 is launching a crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo in March to fund the manufacturing of the V. 

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