UK Electric Bike Centre moves to Headcorn Aerodrome to meet growing demand

UK Electric Bike Centre has moved to Headcorn Aerodrome, where it has become a part of the site’s green strategy.

The company has recently moved to the aerodrome to better cope with the growing demand for electric bikes. Having run out of room at Biddenden, where it has been since being founded in 2013, it needed to find somewhere with more storage for its lease fleet, showroom and repairs centre.

Owner Marcus van der Gaag said: “Moving to the aerodrome allows us to have more space, but also to be visible to so many more customers too. We are growing at a good rate, on the lease side especially, as businesses look to be more sustainable, taking advantage of grants available to offer an electric bike on lease to their staff through various cycle to work, employee wellbeing and green schemes.

“Headcorn Aerodrome also has a very clear green strategy and can link in with us to offer visitors a green vehicle option when they arrive or visit. It’s a short walk from the railway station too, so our recreational guests won’t need a vehicle to get there – they can walk, then hop onto one of our bikes.

“There is so much going on at Headcorn, from people visiting to see their Hurricanes and Spitfires, to others coming for the annual air show, boot fairs, or experiences such as wing-walking. They could add a half-day vineyard tour to their day out with us when we are based there.”

Jamie Freeman, owner of Headcorn Aerodrome, said: “We are very pleased to have Marcus and UK Electric Bike Centre moving onto the site. We have a green strategy that we are really pushing, because it’s important to both us, our visitors and customers.

“Electric bikes are a such a great alternative, green transport that can be used by many people and to have them here with us will be a great asset. It’s a great location for them too – they will have signage off the main road and be very prominent on the site, so with the large footfall we have here, we are looking forward to seeing their growth in sales and leasing.”

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Van der Gaag is hoping that electric bikes will become more familiar to people and businesses. He already has lease contracts with couriers and more recently, a City law firm, plus many businesses are signing up for employee schemes too, or booking team days out of staff treats with him.

“Maybe you think you’re too old for a bike, or maybe you don’t feel you have the stamina,” he added. “Last year, our most senior cyclist was 89 years old, who cycled 20 miles per week! There are very few barriers to electric cycling, whether it’s for work or pleasure and we are keen to answer people’s questions so they can go electric with confidence.

“An e-bike motor works by automatically switching on a motor when you pedal. There are various levels of assistance, but the maximum speed is 15.5mph, or you can of course, just use it as normal pedal bike if you fancy putting a bit more effort in.”

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