Torq launches flavourless energy gel

Torq has launched the 13th energy gel in its portfolio – a gel with no flavour.

The Naked Flavourless Energy Gel was inspired by Torq fuelled athlete, Jasper Stuyven of team Trek Segafredo.

Following last year’s Tour de France, Torq’s performance director Marcus Willday caught up with Stuyven to discuss how the brand’s products performed during the event.

All was positive, but Stuyven did ask the brand to investigate one product in particular and now, ahead of the 2023 edition, Torq has delivered.

A spokesperson for Torq said: “Throughout the season, Jasper enjoys a wide variety of flavours across the Torq Gel range, because it keeps his fuelling interesting and as many of Torq’s customers will confirm, fuelling with TORQ is always a pleasure, never a chore.

“However, the Tour de France is an ultra-endurance event. 3 weeks on the road, exercising for many hours per day, with a constant need to fuel, and that means consuming an awful lot of energy product.

“There were times during the Tour when Jasper just wanted to reach for a product with a neutral flavour – something to cleanse his pallet – something that gave him the energy he needed whilst at the same time hardly noticing he was taking it.”

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So, the latest accompaniment to Torq Gel’s flavour profiles was born – the Naked Flavourless Torq Gel. An energy gel that can be interspersed with Torq’s other units to provide fuel as, when and if desired.

The texture of the Naked Flavourless Gel is identical to the flavoured Torq Gels, and it packs the same 30g carbohydrate of 2:1 Maltodextin:Fructose.

Torq also offers a range of caffeine gels and recently added a new cola flavour to a range of four with natural guarana. Other flavours include forest fruits, banoffee and caramel latte.

Torq’s entire range is available to all ZyroFisher dealers. For more information contact your ZyroFisher account manager or visit

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