Wolf Tooth introduces LoneWolf Aero Chainguide

Wolf Tooth has introduced the LoneWolf Aero Chainguide to prevent dropped chains on road, gravel, and CX bikes with 1x drivetrains.

This component has been tested and developed with Team Jumbo-Visma, who trust it in road cycling’s biggest races. The brand sees the chainguide as 30g of insurance for races where a dropped chain could cost a shot at the podium.

Wolf Tooth chainguides are compatible with round and oval chainrings from 38-62T. They are only for use with 1x drivetrains because they attach to the braze-on front derailleur mount.

Clamps are also available as replacement parts for metal bikes with round tubing in 28.6, 31.8, and 34.9mm sizes that do not have a braze-on front derailleur mount.

The LoneWolf Aero Chainguide is similar to the existing GnarWolf Chainguide, but has a head that only covers the top and inboard side of a chain.

LoneWolf and GnarWolf share the same base that attaches to the frame. The slimmer, minimal head of LoneWolf was requested by Team Jumbo-Visma as a lightweight, aero option for their team bikes.

When the LoneWolf Aero Chainguide is properly installed, it is positioned 2mm away from the top and inboard faces of the chain.

The brand says it is effective at preventing dropped chains because that 2mm of clearance does not allow the chain to move above the teeth of the chainring. When a chain bounces on a bumpy road, it hits the chainguide then falls right back into place.

Three base sweep options are available: low, mid, and high.

A 38T chainring and a 62T chainring have vastly different diameters and require different base sweeps to position the head of the chainguide 2mm away from the chain.

The low sweep will be the most common and is compatible with roughly 38-52T chainring sizes. Wolf Tooth says “roughly” because this can vary based on frame size, geometry, and the position of the front derailleur mount.

The low sweep base has three bolt mount positions to help with the wide chainring size range. Mid sweep is made for roughly 54-58T chainring sizes and the high sweep is roughly 60-62T.

One of the unique features of LoneWolf Aero Chainguide is the GuideLock quick adjustment system. This allows for 8mm of adjustment for the chainline. A 4mm hex key operates a bolt on the front of the chainguide that moves the head of the chainguide inboard or outboard.

This lets the rider keep the head of the chainguide 2mm away from the chain. Where other chainguides use shims for adjustment, the GuideLock quick adjustment system is an expanding elliptical mandrel that keeps the head securely in position.

A bolt on the back of the chainguide can rotate the chainguide head to cover as much chain surface as possible for added chain retention.

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The same chainguide with the mount equipped on Team Jumbo-Visma bikes is being released. This is the LoneWolf Aero Chainguide for Cervelo. The head is the same as the LoneWolf Aero Chainguide, while the mount is different.

It is only compatible with Cervelo P5 and S5 bikes due to the customized shape of the mount that matches the shape and contours of the seat tube on those bikes. The mount options are a high sweep for 54-60T chainrings and a medium sweep for 48-52T chainrings. This chainguide mounts directly to the frame via the braze-ons in place of a front derailleur.

The LoneWolf Aero Chainguide is available from the brand’s UK distributor Saddleback.

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