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LoreOne 3D-printed shoe now available to pre-order

Lore has launched the LoreOne for pre-order – the ‘first’ 3D-printed hard-shelled carbon shoe. “This is an exciting moment for cycling as a sport, footwear, and manufacturing as a whole,” said Stephan Drake, CEO of Lore. “The LoreOne realises the long-held promise of 3D printing for groundbreaking end-use products: it …

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Lore previews LoreOne 3D-printed hard-shelled shoe

Lore has introduced the LoreOne, the “world’s first” 3D-printed hard-shelled shoe. “The LoreOne’s multiple patent-pending breakthroughs in design, biomechanics and manufacturing reinvent what a cycling shoe is and will be,” said a statement. “The LoreOne utilises breakthrough scan-to-print carbon technology that is sculpted precisely to cyclists’ feet. The revolutionary carbon …

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