LoreOne 3D-printed shoe now available to pre-order

Lore has launched the LoreOne for pre-order – the ‘first’ 3D-printed hard-shelled carbon shoe.

“This is an exciting moment for cycling as a sport, footwear, and manufacturing as a whole,” said Stephan Drake, CEO of Lore. “The LoreOne realises the long-held promise of 3D printing for groundbreaking end-use products: it is incredibly complex in its organic, custom-built form, and transmits power very effectively due to its novel composite structure.

“The technology is transformative and almost alien. What matters most is biomechanical performance and feel on the bike. It’s been amazing to watch the extent to which top athletes have been blown away by how the LoreOne dramatically improves their pedalling experience.”

World champion triathlete Timothy O’Donnell said: “I was amazed to look down at my Garmin and see the watts jump significantly over my normal shoes – the sensation of pedal drive and broader power band was instantly apparent. The better power transfer and improved efficiency are clear, and I’m excited for the potential gains that those energy savings can bring on the run. The LoreOne is a sport-changing piece of equipment.”

The LoreOne is fully customised to an individual’s feet, utilising patent-pending Morphic 3D Scan+Print technology. This gives cyclists the ability to scan their feet at home using an iPhone and the Morphic App. The personalised scans become 100% custom LoreOne shoes, robotically manufactured in the USA and delivered directly to the door, ready-to-ride.

Through its development of the LoreOne, Lore partnered with Colby Pearce, an Olympian, elite bicycle coach and fitter, who stated: “The Lore project is three massive steps forward from any other shoe on the market. Prepare to have your head explode and for your feet to feel true power transfer for the first time ever.

“The technology used in the design and manufacturing is light years ahead of everything else. The way the athlete interacts with the shoe is groundbreaking, and the foothold is unparalleled. The Lore shoe will change the way you interact with your bike, forever.”

LoreOne preorders are currently being taken on LORE.cc with printing and fulfilment beginning in autumn. The first 277 orders will be part of the Lore founder’s Kit, a limited-run, curated kit that includes the LoreOne custom shoe, three booties (one with a limited-edition colourway), a Lore
commemorative pennant, technical shoe travel bag and founder’s edition cycling cap.

This limited-run kit will be priced at $1,900 and is available to cyclists around the globe on a first-to-buy priority queue beginning today. The purchase is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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