SQlab has launched its latest ergonomic innovation

SQlab launches 2.0 version of its Innerbarends 

German component brand SQlab has launched its latest version of the unique Innerbarends, an ergonomic grip installed on the handlebars. 

The 2.0 version has been introduced a decade after the original launch, and features a narrower clamp to reduce handlebar clutter, and a lower price point. 

Innerbarend 2.0 comes in two versions – the 411 for MTB tech and trail, and the 410 for MTB touring and travel. 

SQlab said this product is compatible with all grips on the handlebar, as it is installed by clamping to the bars, and can be integrated with SQlabs 711 and 70X grips. 

The product has been designed to offer riders more comfort, relaxing the neck muscles and changing the position of the hands to reduce the strain, particularly notable over longer distances.

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SQlab said the brakes should always be within reach, and that the 2.0 Innerbarends offer a 5% power saving at 36km/h when compared with the conventional riding position. 


The new 411 Innerbarends 2.0 adopt the shape of the already known 411 R Innerbarends Carbon and become a sporty, lightweight all-rounder with a good price-performance ratio. 

Weighs 56g per pair.

RRP: £35.99

410 2.0 

The 410 2.0 takes over the bulbous shape of the previous Innerbarends 411. The shape has been further improved for a relaxed hold and offers maximum comfort on longer rides.

Weighs 104g per pair. 


SQlab was founded by Tobias ‘Toby’ Hild, a former motocross rider, who had a big crash and switched to riding mountain bikes afterward. In the early 1990s, Hild founded his first cycling businesses: Amazing Toys, a parts and accessories brand for the fast-growing MTB downhill segment, and Amazing Shop, an LBS. 

In 2002, Hild founded SQlab as the world’s first player focusing on ergonomic cycling parts, to ease the ride and help cyclists with pain and numbness issues. SQlab was the very first brand to introduce a sit bones distance measuring tool for fitting, in the same year.  

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