Four Cube models will benefit from Bosch's ABS technology

Cube launches four e-bikes with Bosch ABS technology

Cube has launched four different e-bikes with Bosch’s “eBike ABS” system.

The advanced technology is designed to provide cyclists with “unparalleled safety and performance, ensuring a comfortable, safe and stress-free ride”.

Bosch’s second-generation ABS is fully compatible with Magura’s MT C ABS brakes to modulate front brake power, so riders can stop quickly and safely whatever the conditions.

On road or off, wet or dry, mud or gravel, it aims to deliver optimal braking performance whilst helping keep riders safe.

With the new ABS system, riders can now brake with both brakes at the same time in a safer and more confident manner.

It can prevent the front wheel from locking and as a result, help to reduce skidding.

This allows riders to remain safely in the saddle during sudden and heavy braking on any surface, whether it be firm asphalt or slippery gravel paths.

Cube e-bikes fitted with Bosch’s ABS are available in several models, designed to suit the needs of every rider.

The bikes come equipped with a range of Bosch components including the Performance Line CX motors, a PowerTube 750 battery and a Kiox 300 display

The models benefitting from the technology are:

  • Kathmandu Hybrid ABS – £4,499
  • Reaction Hybrid ABS – £4,499
  • Stereo Hybrid 120 ABS – £4,999
  • Stereo Hybrid 140 ABS – £5,499

The ABS system comes in three modes to suit different types of riding.

For those commuting every day, ABS Touring will let you enjoy the ride, secure in the knowledge that you can brake safely if the worst happens.

ABS Allroad is for sporty rides on unpaved trails. The system provides powerful but natural braking support so an e-mountain bike novice can enjoy more carefree riding on gravel and loose surfaces.

ABS Trail is adapted to the expectations of sporty riders on demanding routes and challenging terrain.

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The system has been recognized for its innovation, winning the Design & Innovation Award 2023.

The first Cube e-bikes with ABS are now available at dealers, for more information, visit

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