Interviewed Walkers MD says brand is a "sleeping giant in the UK." and it's about to rouse...

Serfas UK line to expand

With origins stemming from a California garage and born from frustrations of unsatisfactory saddle product on the market, Serfas has ballooned over the years to become a giant Stateside.

In this country, however, Walkers’ joint-MD Nick Walker claims that "the giant is sleeping, but it’s soon to rouse in a big way."

Referring to the past two years of gradual expansion, Walker says progress in establishing the brand in the UK has been limited to pushing ‘around a quarter’ of the huge Serfas catalogue. With much thought going into expanding its stock holding in a big way toward the end of this year, the brothers at the head of the family distribution firm confirmed to BikeBiz just some of the new goods to be carried in the coming months.

"Eyewear is a definite at this stage," says Nick Walker. "Post Interbike we are finalising which product will be hitting our shores, though it’s highly likely Walkers will carry the footwear line, clothing and higher-priced saddle product. There’s also a few ‘different’ products that dealers will be pleased to see coming through, such as a graffiti designed floor pump with a watch fascia style pressure gauge. Pumps typically aren’t a product younger buyers get hugely enthused about, but these new designs certainly help dealers in promoting accessory sales to a younger audience."

If the design and promise of a high stock holding alone doesn’t swing dealers toward installing Serfas as their ‘everyday sales’ brand, then the lifetime warranty available thoughout the catalogue, as well as the often 50 per cent plus margins may go some way to making the package far more attractive.

"Serfas is extremely confident in its product," adds Nick. "Having received very few returns over the years, we’re confident too and pleased the product is robust enough to confidently carry the lifetime warranty. We’ve got some exciting new performance product coming next year, which we’re absolutely sure will perform well in the various magazines currently requesting test samples."

Further boosting Walkers’ commitment to its independent customers, the supermarkets and internet discounters are forbidden access to the brand. The commitment here is so vigilant, the Walkers brothers pledged to personally ‘take down’ the source of any grey import’ in the unlikely event online discounters ever get hold of the product.

Point of sale material, having been a previous bug bear with dealers, is to be addressed from early next year too, with tailored solutions. The packaging on each individual item has been designed to assist the customer with non-jargon filled explanations and works around all slatwall installations.

Utilising what is described as the ‘California design influence’, Serfas’ manufacturing is split between the US and Taiwan, though each and every product is designed at the Los Angeles headquarters. Retail accounts are, of course, supported with visuals of every product via the Walkers B2B.

If you’ve not already caught up with the brand at the recent Eurobike or Interbike shows, then log on to to view the latest catalogue.
"We’re actively seeking retail accounts across the UK to partner with," concludes Andie Walker. "We’ve five sales representatives travelling the length and breadth of the UK and these are contactable via the main Walkers Cycles phone line on 0116 283 3885."

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