In the December issue of BicycleBusiness there will be a liberal sprinkling of corporate Christmas messages. These little boxed xmas-ads cost £60 to £180, with half the proceeds going to the CTC's Cyclists' Defence Fund, the ring-fenced pile of dosh that the CTC will use to defend the rights of any cyclists caught up in legal battles that could harm the riding rights of all cyclists.

Send a Christmas greeting that benefits the Cyclists’ Defence Fund

The pic above is an example of the kind of ad you could book in the pre-Xmas issue of BicycleBusiness, due out in the week starting 9th December. Er, there’s no such concern as the Veggie Bike Co., but we liked the pic of a turkey.

You could choose a classic Christmas graphic, a simple sprig of holly or a jokey, fat Santa. The options are endless. Add a bit of festive text to perk up your sales, including your contact details, and whack on a corporate logo too.

These micro-ads will be placed throughout the mag in a run-of-paper manner. They will not all appear on the same page.

Each ad is custom-built for you (or you could design your own) but please be quick, the art deadline is the end of this week!

Here are the ad sizes and prices:

£60 – 55mm wide, 80 mm long

£100 – 115mm wide, 60mm long

£180 – 115mm wide, 90mm long

Book your micro-ad with Al Reid on 0191 285 4408,

Remember, half the proceeds from this one-off promotion will go to the CTC’s Cyclists’ Defence Fund.

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