Roval’s ‘S**t Happens’ no fault crash replacement policy now live in the UK

Roval, Specialized’s in-house wheel brand, has launched a no fault crash replacement policy called “S**t Happens”

The policy covers riders who have purchased a complete bike with Roval wheels, or a set of Roval wheels purchased on their own, and all Roval wheels are covered.

If a rider damages their wheels while riding within the first two years of ownership, and it’s not covered under warranty, Roval will replace or repair it for free

This policy applies to all Roval products purchased in the UK, whether it came stock on a bike or was purchased aftermarket.

If a rider damages a Roval product while riding more than two years after the purchase date and it’s not covered under warranty, a Roval retailer will work with the brand to get it repaired or replaced for a fraction of the full retail price.

For products to be covered under the “S**t Happens Policy”, they need to be purchased in the United Kingdom after July 1, 2023.

The policy applies only to the original retail purchaser and the products also need to be registered online within 30 days of purchase.

In all cases, the policy applies to damage that happened during riding. It does not apply to wear and tear items or cosmetic damage.

A spokesperson for the brand said: “Overshot a jump and broke your wheel while tomahawking down the mountain? That’s covered; well, at least the wheel.

“Damaged your carbon wheel from an exhaust pipe or drove into your garage with your bike on the roof? While that s**t happens, it’s not covered.”

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To take advantage of this policy, customers must go to an authorised Roval retailer.

Depending on the damage, Roval will determine whether to replace or repair the product. If replaced, the old product must be returned to a Roval retailer.

If the product needs to be replaced and Roval no longer has it in stock, they say they will try their best to find the most similar product available at the time.

All Roval wheels come standard with a lifetime warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship when used normally in accordance with the brand’s guidelines.

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