Parcours and Classified launch first Powershift enabled disc rear wheel

British wheel brand Parcours and Belgian technology company Classified have collaborated to unveil the world’s first Powershift-ready solid disc wheel.

This is the latest development from the two companies who announced a long-term technical partnership in January.

This wheel and drivetrain configuration combines the aerodynamics from Parcours Disc2 with Classified’s innovative Powershift technology resulting in “the most efficient setup ever engineered” for TT and triathlon athletes

Dov Tate, founder of Parcours said: “We have enjoyed building on our technical partnership with Classified and being part of an innovative and cutting edge working relationship which has created such an exciting product.

“We are already seeing this create a new standard for triathlon and look forward to building on this in the future.”

Taking Parcours #thinkwider aero technology from the Disc2, launched in October 2022, and combining it with Classified’s Powershift Technology offers athletes “the most efficient setup possible”.

This allows them to conserve energy, maintain aerodynamic benefits, and ride more comfortably over longer distances.

It has already been proven at the elite level by world leading athletes, Ruth Astle and Kyle Smith, who have been using the product in recent months.

Mathias Plouvier, co-founder and CEO of Classified, said: “We’re thrilled to be working with a like-minded ‘efficiency obsessed’ partner like Parcours to produce the first ever Powershift ready disc wheel. Pushing the efficiency boundaries and showing what is possible for a wheel and drivetrain combination is one of the reasons we get out of bed in the morning.

“We’ve already seen some fantastic results in professional racing, so we’re very excited for the future.”

The Disc2 is designed to be fitted with a 28-30mm tyre and a 22.5mm internal rim, making it the widest disc wheel currently available on the market.

When combined with a wider tubeless tyre at a lower pressure, the Disc2 allows the rider to minimise the physical toll of racing.

Parcours testing, carried out in partnership with Nottingham Trent University Sports Engineering department, has also shown that running a rear disc wheel has a material impact on overall handling stability.

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Known as the “front derailleur killer”, Classified’s Powershift Technology has already seen success in the road, gravel and MTB sectors, by increasing the efficiency of the drivetrain.

The efficiency gains of Powershift Technology mean that athletes can benefit from improved aerodynamics due to the removal of the front derailleur and 45% lower chain forces due to larger chainrings and sprockets.

The Parcours Disc2 can be bought Classified enabled for £1,099 / $1,449 / €1,429.

Classified’s Powershift Technology is available to buy now from certified Classified dealers.

The Powershift hub set for partner wheels retails at €1,299.

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