Bikedesk appoints Morten Larsen as international client manager

Danish software company Bikedesk has appointed Morten Larsen as the company’s international client manager.

Larsen will play a crucial role in the company’s expansion into the UK following its launch last month.

Following his appointment, Larsen said: “As an international client manager at Bikedesk, I am entrusted with the incredible task of fostering global success. From cultivating meaningful relationships to delivering unforgettable experiences, my role is vital in driving business expansion. I take pride in effective client communication, seamless account management, and proactive problem-solving.

“Through insightful market analysis and active business development, I uncover new opportunities for growth. With a data-driven approach and my unwavering passion, I empower Bikedesk to make informed decisions.

“Together, we navigate the international landscape, creating remarkable client experiences and achieving unparalleled success.”

The bike industry software solutions provider currently has more than 700 Danish stores utilising its cloud-based Point-of-Sale system (POS) for streamlining service, repair, and customer satisfaction.

With an in-depth understanding of the specific needs and daily challenges faced by bike stores, the system helps stores manage inventory, process transactions, and deliver services.

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The Danish bike store market is highly competitive, given the country’s renowned cycling culture. However, Bikedesk has established a strong presence, providing bike stores of all sizes with a suite of POS tools.

The company’s solution integrates with existing systems, offering real-time inventory management, customer relationship management, and reporting capabilities.

Bikedesk believes that one of the key advantages of its system is its online nature. Unlike some systems that rely on a single checkout computer, Bikedesk’s system operates online, requiring only an internet connection to function.

This eliminates the limitations imposed by having a local stored checkout computer that can’t be used for other tasks.

Any retailers interested in learning more about Bikedesk can contact Larsen at or +44 02 03 31 89 837

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