New Motion Labs to present Enduo Cargo+ at Amsterdam’s World of eMobility

New Motion Labs (NML) will be presenting its Enduo Cargo+ at the World of eMobility in Amsterdam from 18-20th November.

Visitors will be able to trial the tech on a premium e-cargo bike at the conference, and interested manufacturers and courier companies will be able to order samples to test across their fleets.

The Enduo Cargo+ combines industrial strength chains with a new proprietary sprocket tooth profile technology that enables conventional roller chains to transfer power on both sides of the tooth. This reduces frictional wear and improves the strength, lifetime and efficiency of e-cargo bike drivetrains.

With Enduo technology, e-cargo bikes will attain a step-change increase in drive lifetime, ability to cope with higher loads experienced in e-cargo bikes without failure and require less maintenance than conventional chain drives.

NML has already partnered with manufacturers and suppliers of e-cargo bikes, where the drivetrain will be tested across six premium e-cargo bikes – three fitted with Enduo technology to be compared with three identical bikes fitted with conventional drivetrains. Testing with the University of Stuttgart has been successful, said the company, already proving significant lifetime savings, including a 2x increase in drive lifetime.

CEO Marcel Fowler said: “The Enduo Cargo+ is the world’s first e-cargo bike-specific drivetrain, representing a leap forward in drivetrain technology for the demands of e-cargo bikes. The Cargo+ combines the revolutionary Enduo system with industrial chain technology to create the most durable chain drive ever.”

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