Bikeability Trust offering £500 bursary to train as an instructor

The Bikeability Trust is offering a £500 bursary to anyone who wants to train as a Bikeability instructor.

Bikeability instructors are playing a crucial role in changing how we travel and inspiring the next generation to make more sustainable transport choices. As well as contributing to the fight against climate change, Bikeability instructors also enjoy flexible working, time outdoors and the opportunity to teach children an essential life skill.

To support Government’s ambition to offer cycling training to every child by 2025, more than 1,000 new instructors are needed and £500 is now available from the Bikeability Trust and Department for Transport for people who want to change gears on their career and become a cycle instructor.

Emily Cherry, executive director at The Bikeability Trust, said: “How we travel needs to change if we are to meet climate targets and for short journeys – like cycling to school or the shops – cycling is the one of the most sustainable ways of getting around.

“Cycling a journey cuts carbon emissions by 75% and if every child who completed a Bikeability course last year cycled to school that would save 485 tonnes of CO2 emissions – enough to power 88 homes for a year! If just one parent and child switch from driving to cycling to school that saves almost half a tonne of CO2 emissions – the same as planting 7.9 trees and growing them for a decade.

“That’s why we’re looking for passionate and enthusiastic people to become Bikeability instructors and help us inspire the next generation to get pedalling.

“We’re encouraging people of all ages and backgrounds to consider taking their career up a gear and becoming a Bikeability instructor. We are offering a £500 bursary to support the cost of training so that we can meet our ambition to train every child by 2025.”

Gillian Walsh, 62, who works as Bikeability instructor for Go Velo in Lancashire, said: “I’ve been a Bikeability instructor for three-and-a-half years but I wish I’d done it sooner! I can fit in work around my family and it’s wonderful to see the kids gain confidence during their Bikeability sessions.

“There’s a huge mix of instructors, I’m often working with people in their 20s, but then it’s also a great job for people who have taken early retirement. For me, it’s a good way of keeping me going, it helps you stay active!”

Nathan Wood, 20, from Lancashire, said: “I initially studied construction, but I didn’t enjoy it because I am more of an active person. When I found out about the opportunity to become a cycling instructor, it sounded perfect for my interests. I enjoy seeing the children progress, get skills for life and have lots of fun on their bikes. I love working with our team of instructors and I am excited for my future career in cycle training.”

Those interested in applying for the bursary can register their interest on the Bikeability website.

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