Muoverti previews new TiltBike at Rouleur Live

Muoverti has unveiled a pre-production preview of its new TiltBike at London’s Rouleur Live.

The TiltBike is aimed at athletes of all levels looking for engaging simulations and effective exercise, from essential training to e-sports and interactive gaming. According to the brand, it enables riders to balance and steer, accelerate and brake, and engage the whole body to simulate riding outdoors, indoors.

Christoph Wilfert, Muoverti CEO and co-founder, said: “Our modern lifestyle, with its home and desk-bound time pressures, is at odds with our bodies, which have evolved over millennia to move and not to sit. Our vision is to bring about a world where people can exercise with enthusiasm and commitment in harmony with their life, family and work.”

Two-time Tour de France stage winner Simon Gerrans added: “The ability to balance and the accurate simulation of inertia and resistance are gamechangers for indoor cycling.”

Muoverti chose to publicly preview the TiltBike at Rouleur Live ahead of being commercially available in 2022 in order to broaden its engagement with athletes for further refinement. Find out more at

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