Motorex introduces 100% recycled packaging

Motorex has designed its Bike Line lubricants and care products to be even more environmentally friendly by introducing packaging that is made entirely of recycled material.

As a manufacturer of technical chemical products, the Swiss company is aware of its impact on the environment and says it is “fully committed” to taking the interests of future generations and the environment into account.

Biodegradable products have been a cornerstone of the company’s strategy for decades.

Thanks to its research and development, Motorex creates lubricants and care products that meet technical requirements whilst offering a more sustainable option.

Motorex Ecosynt Hees hydraulic oils, which are based on renewable raw materials, are claimed to last around five times as long as mineral oil-based ones.

The brand adopts the same philosophy when it comes to its Bike Line bicycle care range as it consists almost entirely of biodegradable products

Now Motorex is taking the next step and making the packaging as environmentally friendly as its contents.

Around 70% of the care and lubricating products are now made of 100% recycled material – and can be recycled again after emptying.

An advantage of this is that cyclists can return the empty packaging to a special waste collection point thereby ensuring that the material remains part of a closed loop to be reused for other products.

Motorex is switching its products in the Clean, Care and Lube categories to sustainable packaging with immediate effect.

Refillable and reusable solutions that significantly reduce waste have already been in use for the Workshop range for some time now.

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Andy Searcy, brand manager for Motorex at distributor Extra UK, said: “Motorex is a brand that has always had a huge focus on biodegradability and environmentally friendly products, so the step into 100% Recycled packaging is a logical continuation of this. This reinforces Motorex as a market leader in bicycle care products.

Extra UK has stock now of the Chain Lube for both dry and wet conditions and Chain Lube with PTFE featuring the new packaging.

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