Moment’s cycling apparel research shows price is leading factor in purchase behaviour

Moment, an independent cycling apparel company, has published the results of its latest study, which delves into the apparel purchasing needs and desires of cyclists.

Conducted in June 2023, the survey provides insights into the preferences and priorities of cyclists when it comes to their apparel choices.

The survey gathered responses from 250 UK cyclists, with road cyclists comprising the majority of the participants, followed by gravel and mountain bike enthusiasts, who accounted for approximately 20% of the respondents.

Key findings from the research show that the majority of cyclists predominantly rely on general online retailers for their apparel purchases, while a significant portion, 25%, continue to support their local bike stores.

This insight sheds light on the importance of a user-friendly online shopping experience for cycling enthusiasts, while emphasising the continued value of local brick-and-mortar retailers.

When it comes to the factors influencing cyclist’s purchasing decisions, price sensitivity and kit designs emerge as top priorities for cyclists.

The research also shows that factors such as manufacturing location and brand loyalty have relatively less impact on a buyers decision.

For purchasing regularity, the research suggests that cyclists are buying new kit every six months, perhaps in-line with the season cycles.

More than two thirds of respondents prefer lighter colours, with 54% leaning towards patterned designs over monotone, and 76% said they were willing to buy other sport apparel (running, triathlon etc) from their favourite cycling apparel brand.

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A spokesperson for Moment said: “The data is insightful and exciting to see, so thank you to each rider that took the time to complete. In terms of next steps, we will evaluate our current pricing and continue to work on Moment’s Workshop (TBC).

“The Workshop will bring to life new product lines and designs, and this survey feeds directly into what we put forward there.”

Moment is making the full survey results available for other small and independent companies in the cycling industry via their website, or in full by emailing

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