MAGURA launches new digital learning platform

MAGURA has launched its digital learning platform – the MAGURA TechAcademy.

The new online training platform from MBPS offers specialist dealers another flexible training option – a total of six online learning modules will provide participants with all the important information on innovations, products and topics related to maintenance and service. It is now online and ready to book.

The significant advantage of the new digital training is its unrestricted availability – because all participating dealer employees will be able to access the training content online anywhere and at any time to complete the individual learning modules. When they pass an online test, the participants receive a personal certificate and the MAGURA TechTalk as a reference work. The training content is available in four different languages and primarily targets sales and workshop employees.

The digital and personalised learning platform is a valuable supplement to the existing training concept and part of the consistent development of the training offer for specialist dealers. The MAGURA TechAcademy from MBPS reduces the training effort for specialist dealers and maintains the high quality of the previous training series.

“We recognised the need for flexible online learning content, even before the COVID pandemic,” said Timo Kieninger, director of marketing and sales at MBPS. “We have already gained good online training experience with our successful live webinars, so we’re now looking forward to taking the next big step with the MAGURA TechAcademy!

“Our comprehensive and high-quality training content will be available to our customers from today on, time- and location-based and in multiple languages.”

The range of available languages is also a new feature of the online training courses. The MAGURA TechAcademy videos are available to participants in four different languages: English, French, German and Dutch. This is MBPS’ response to the growing dealer network throughout Europe and the high international demand for professional training.

“Our dealer network in Europe has been growing steadily for years, but we haven’t yet been able to meet the demand for classroom training in every country,” continued Kieninger. “Thanks to the TechAcademy, we can now offer a comprehensive range of training courses in Europe, increasing knowledge in the trade about the MAGURA brand and giving it a solid international position for the future.”

In addition to the now-expanded online training courses, classroom training and live webinars will also be offered in the MAGURA programme in the future. All three formats are part of an overarching training concept designed to meet the needs of as many dealers as possible. MBPS is planning to return to classroom training courses in 2022, but until then, the company is relying entirely on the newly created TechAcademy for the remainder of the year.

MAGURA TechAcademy training content
The MAGURA TechAcademy has six learning modules of approximately 40 minutes each. Each of four modules will provide information on MAGURA product groups, with the content allocated to product and service information, ranging from detailed explanations of product features to practical tips on bleeding a product and troubleshooting. Two of the modules will cover interesting facts about the MAGURA brand and company, plus information about the services provided by MAGURA Bosch Parts and Services.

MAGURA experts Stefan Deyerler (MAGURA area sales manager South/East) and Dominik Voss (MAGURA marketing, content and PR manager) will be guiding the participants through the modules.

Instead of a simple frontal-view filming, the participants can expect a mix of video contributions covering the use of the products, thought-provoking interviews with MAGURA athletes such as Bart Brentjens (MTB Olympic champion 1996) and insights into MAGURA production. In this way, the TechAcademy offers more than just run-of-the-mill technology training: extensive product, technical and user knowledge, coupled with tips from the everyday lives of MAGURA experts and athletes will make the trade fit for the tasks that lie ahead.

Four hours of knowledge in six modules:
– Module 1: Presentation of training options, MAGURA history and production “Made in Germany”
– Module 2: The MAGURA HS rim brake: models, installation and maintenance
– Module 3: The MAGURA MT disc brake: models, tuning, installation and maintenance
– Module 4: The MAGURA MCi and CT disc brakes: models, installation and maintenance
– Module 5: MAGURA services, warranties and sales support
– Module 6: New product launches in 2022 – video will be provided when the product is first launched

Participation is easy and flexible, since it’s possible from anywhere on a PC, tablet or smartphone. A dedicated website offers participants a pleasant learning experience, information about their learning progress and the possibility to review content that perhaps needs a second or third look to make sure it’s been understood. The website also has helpful links and documents for downloading.

In addition, all the participants will be provided with the exclusive MAGURA TechTalk workshop manual, which contains all the technical information about MAGURA products and their maintenance. MAGURA will also certify successful participation with a personal participant certificate following a short knowledge test.

Participation in the six training modules costs €19. Booking the courses is easy, fast and exclusively possible in the webshop. Please note that only registered MBPS dealers can participate. MAGURA would also point out that one registration per participant is mandatory due to the personalised certificate and the individual learning progress.

All the information about the MAGURA TechAcademy is available at

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