Madison to distribute Slime tyre sealant and tubes in the UK and Ireland

Madison has announced a new partnership with Slime to distribute its products in the UK and Ireland.

First blended in a Central Californian garage using a power drill and drywall blade, Slime has become one of the most widely distributed tyre sealant in the world, available in more than 80 countries.

Dominic Langan, Madison CEO, said “I am delighted to announce Madison as the exclusive distributor in the U.K. and Ireland for Slime tyre sealant and tubes. Slime is an iconic, environmentally friendly and globally recognised brand protecting cyclists from punctures for more than 30 years.

“Stock is available with immediate effect and speak to your sales manager or check out B2B now to access our spectacular margin making stocking-in options.”

In cycling, Slime is best known for its self-sealing inner tubes that’ll self-repair punctures up to 3mm long and last for up to two years. But the sealant can also be bought separately and added to tubes and it’s non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-flammable and non-hazardous formula makes it safe for tyres and rims.

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For workshops, Slime also offers two kegs of sealant – either 3.6L or 18.9L – that can be added to tubes for new bikes being built or bikes that come in for service.

Chris Clement, director of global sales and marketing for Slime, said: “Slime is thrilled to be partnering with the UK’s premier bicycle and accessories distributor. As the worldwide leader in tyre care we are looking forward to preventing and repair flats with the passionate assistance of the Madison team.”

Slime products will be available to order on Madison B2B from today, June 20, or retailers can contact their local sales manager.

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