LEVA-EU and Stromer launch speed pedelec white paper to raise awareness about their use

LEVA-EU and Stromer have launched a speed pedelec white paper, to use as a basis for discussion with local authorities, as well as with European authorities.

The white paper provides information about the use of S-pedelecs with concrete cases and figures. Examples of countries leading the way in sustainable solutions for commuter traffic are Belgium and Switzerland, with speed-pedelecs well integrated in both countries.

S-pedelecs are cost-saving, energy-efficient and more environmentally friendly than driving a car, said the companies. The rules for using S-pedelecs in these countries are clear and offer riders a good alternative to cars, and the white paper is also intended to raise awareness of this issue among traffic planners and to convince fleet managers to offer pedelecs and S-pedelecs to their employees.

Together with LEVA-EU, myStromer aims to convince and motivate other European countries to review and clarify their traffic regulations for S-pedelecs, implying changes in policy and regulations.

Annick Roetynck, LEVA-EU manager, added: “LEVA-EU has commissioned research from DLR into the potential for LEVs to significantly reduce GHG emissions from the transport sector and thus to contribute to climate protection. The research shows that 37% of all car trips could theoretically be replaced with speed pedelecs and 19% of all car kilometres could be substituted by speed pedelec kilometres.

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“Each trip for which an LEV replaces a car would avoid on average 88% of the GHG emissions from the substituted cars. These numbers clearly show that electrification of cars alone is not the solution. We also need to considerably reduce the weight of the vehicles we use for our transportation. The speed pedelec is therefore a very valuable, sustainable solution.

“Legal bottlenecks are very seriously hampering the technological and market development of speed pedelecs. The White Paper should convince the European, national and local authorities to prioritise those issues.”

The full white paper can be downloaded here: https://leva-eu.com/stromer-and-leva-eu-launch-speed-pedelec-white-paper/.

Speed pedelec specialist Stromer is ‘redefining the urban mobility landscape’ with a range of powerful bikes with integrated design, full connectivity and ‘outstanding’ ride qualities. Speed pedelecs are electric bicycles that have higher-powered motors.

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