The latest figures from the Department of Transport and the Regions show cycle usage has increased by 6 percent. The clickometers of Sustrans, however, recorded a further jump of 1.5 percent

Increase in cycling is higher than official stats, says Sustrans

In the recent National Travel Survey, the DETR demonstrated that cycle use in decline for years is now on an upward curve. From a minus figure the annual growth rate is now 6 percent a year.

However, 57 automatic bike counters from the Sustrans Path Monitoring Project show the increase is 8.5 percent, and is even higher on the National Cycle Network (10 percent) and higher again on fully traffic-free parts of the network (10.2 percent).

During Septembers fuel crisis, cycle usage shot up. In parts of Northumberland, cycle use was almost three times higher than the seasonal norm, and use doubled in Hampshire and Kent.

For more details of the Sustrans Path Monitoring Project call Dr Andy Cope on 0191 261 6160.

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