Supply companies can now pay a grand and get BA membership for 2001. If they subsequently book a 50sq m (or bigger) stand at the International Cycle Exhibition theyre getting their £1000 refunded because BA members get stand space discounts

BA offer free membership

This new deal is aimed at enticing the long-standing non-members of the BA to join. Many of the importers of US brand bikes are not BA members.

There are currently 40 members of the BA. New members who joined at the special £1000 rate would be bumped up to the standard rate for 2002 if they wanted to remain members. Memberships fees are based on turnover.

PLUS: At great expense the Bicycle Association has produced an excellent A4 folder extoling the benefits of the International Cycle Exhibition to be held in June 2001

The folder is being used to enclose details about the show and features a bespoke illustration of a sky-writing aeroplane drawing a cycle in the sky.

However, on the back cover the show floor plan is a veritible antique. Its a facsimile of the last time the National Cycle Show was in Harrogate but it has not been redrawn to show the snazzy, new, classically-fronted Hall M (as featured on page 8 of BicycleBusiness 13). Instead, Hall H the marquee is still shown to be in place.

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