Ebike Future Conference 2022 day one recordings now available to watch online

The Ebike Future Conference 2022 is giving people the opportunity to watch the official recordings of day one of the event for free.

Held online and streamed globally, the fourth edition of the Ebike Future Conference drew in experts from all over the world to discuss the future of the e-bike business and technology.

The event took place from 11th-13th October, and recordings of day one are now available for anybody to watch. People can then upgrade to see all three days and all 50 speakers.

An important part of the conference was keynoted on mobility, cargo bikes, urban delivery, and circular economy, and another part was on e-bike connectivity, IoT (internet of things), artificial intelligence, computer vision, and software and hardware.

The conference also spoke about retail trends, new business models, and new players entering the market from industries including automotive, motorcycle, ski, and others.

Overall, the conference was a success, said organisers, with valuable information provided by expert speakers. Dates for the next year’s edition are 11th-13th October and the conference format will stay online. The 2023 event is now open for sponsorships, speaking engagements, and virtual exhibitors.

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Ebike Future Conference 2022 day one programme:

1. Stefan Ceman – Opening and introduction
2. David Reed – What’s needed from the public and private sector to sustain the growth of e-bikes
3. Rodrigo Oliveira – Riding for circular economy
4. Adam Micklin – Your brand, your ride, your way. Creating the ride synonymous with your brand
5. Stefano Niero – The new star in shared mobility – the e-bike
6. Morten Rynning – How to downsize cars into e-bikes – to replace car traffic
7. Joshua Hon – Commercial logistics and cargo bikes
8. Johnny Smith and Jacques Bonneville – Connectivity, what opportunities for e-bike brands?
9. Andrew Fleury – How computer vision will help ensure a safe future for the e-bike industry
10. Rama Sreenivasan and Alex Hamberger – The future of e-bike maintenance and customer service: app-free, stress-free and remote
11. Rahul Malhotra – Powering progress via e-micromobility
12. Reese Brown and Kellyann Davis – State of the US e-bike market and the opportunities with cross country ski areas
13. Susan Gautsch – From higher ed to higher calling: How and why I started an e-bike business
14. Jürgen Sahtel – How to launch your shared mobility business in 20 days – best practices from opening 140+ locations worldwide
15. Roland Riedel – Brose E-Bike Facts and Vision
16. The Inja – I tested 44 e-bikes, and here’s what makes them suck

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