In another case of domestic manufacturing becoming more viable, Cotic founder and McDermid set up bespoke workshop

Cy Turner and Mike McDermid launch Bicycle Manufacturing Limited

Cotic founder Cy Turner has linked with composites expert Mike McDermid to launch Bicycle Manufacturing Limited, reports Singletrack.

Having spent the past two years putting the wheels in motion, the duo have, like an increasing number of UK brands, come to the conclusion that they can manufacture goods at roughly the same cost as Far East sources, with the advantage of domestic production reducing lead times.

Based in Penistone, Yorkshire, Bicycle Manufacturing Limited will now manufacture all Cotic Droplink suspension frames, matching the price of the first batch of Cotic Rocket frames, which were originally a Taiwanese-made product.

The pair have set up to be self-sufficient, investing in bespoke machinery, automated tube cutting equipment and welding equipment, with the firm’s frame jigs custom-made in order to match the pair’s vision for maximum production efficiency. Bespoke heat sinks and argon purge, used for building titanium frames, have also been made.

The firm’s ambition doesn’t stop with metals, with McDermid bringing prior experience of designing carbon composites for F1 and Le Mans cars. Within the next 12 months the firm will be developing a carbon fibre facility that will be capable of lower cost and faster prototyping, as well as production. The firm expects to hire further local apprentices to become part of the full time carbon production team once the facility ids up and running.

Initially the production lines focus will revolve around DropLink frames and the duo have already hired experienced staff to manage this. Once the business has settled bespoke builds will become more of a reality.

For more from Cy on the new venture, head over to Singletrack.

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