Classified has entered the mountain bike market with its "front mech killer" system

Classified enters mountain bike market with Powershift Boost hub

Belgian drivetrain technology company Classified Cycling has announced the launch of a mountain bike-specific Powershift hub system.

The new mountain bike product, the Powershift Boost hub, together with Classified’s new 11-40t 12 speed cassette, has a gear range of 530%, the largest of any drivetrain system on the market. 

Entry into the mountain bike space allows Classified to introduce another new piece of technology in the Ringshifter. 

A light wireless shifter that controls the two speed Powershift hub, offering increased feedback and fitting into the existing cockpit.

Thanks to the two speed Powershift hub, Classified can offer a higher gearing range with smaller steps in between each gear to maintain optimum cadence, whilst also offering the ability to Powershift; a 150 millisecond gear jump in either direction. 

As with the award-winning road and gravel hub, this ‘Powershift’ can be done under full load of up to 1000 watts.

Classified’s unique 2 speed gear hub allows riders to jump through 46% percent of the gear range, or the equivalent of 2 or 3 rear derailleur shifts, within 150 milliseconds.

Tests undertaken with pro riders showed a far greater use of the powershift hub gear as opposed to the rear derailleur, leading to an increase of momentum through transitions.

Mathias Plouvier, CEO and co-founder of Classified Cycling, said: “The feedback of professional riders is very promising and brought us even better insights into the enormous potential the product offers.

“Extending our range further into off-road space with the mountain bike hub confirms Classified’s vision to be a technology that is compatible across all cycling disciplines. We are extremely excited about the possibilities the new product brings and its ability to enhance the existing MTB drivetrain market.”

CTO Roell van Druten added: “With an ultimate gear range of 530%, the Powershift Boost hub combines a high-grade, one-piece compact steel cassette (11-40t) with a larger chainring, improving the overall durability of the drivetrain.

“Using the Classified hub with an 11-40t cassette and a 34t chainring results in the lowest drivetrain ratio of 0.58. To achieve this ratio with a traditional system the user would have to use a 30t chainring. 

“Using a smaller chainring in a traditional system lowers the efficiency and durability of that system due to the higher chain forces. The more compact Classified cassette also allows the use of a shorter derailleur cage, increasing the robustness of the drivetrain alongside the efficiency.”

The Ringshifter:

The Ringshifter can perform 10,000 shifts before needing to be easily recharged with the provided magnetic USB cable.

Featuring a magnetic spring back mechanism, the Ringshifter delivers durability and a smooth, responsive feel.

The functionalities of the Ringshifter can be customised to meet the individual needs of every rider.

Doubling the number of gears?

The MTB world has become used to a 1×11 or 12 gear drivetrain system but Classified believe that more is needed for the optimum ride experience.

The addition of the two speed hub, multiplying the cassette gears and gearing range, gives the rider 16 unique gears, after removing duplicate ratios, to be able to access the right cadence, reduce gear grinding and remove large gear steps.

On top of that the additional gears are all accessible in the middle of the cassette which helps keep cross chaining to a minimum.

Classified’s 11 – 40t, 12 speed cassette is also compatible with the existing 142mm variant of the Powershift hub.

Pricing (RRP) and availability:

The Powershift boost hub will be available to purchase in three ways through Classified’s worldwide network of dealers and distributors from May 23, 2023.

In the UK and Ireland, Classified is exclusively distributed by Windwave following an announcement last year.

The Powershift boost hub can be fitted to any mountain bike frame with a 148mm dropout spacing.

  • Powershift hub set + Classified hookless carbon wheelset €2,699
  • Powershift hub set with hub shell €1,549
  • Powershift hub set without hub shell, €1,449

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The Powershift hub will be available to buy with Classified’s new M25/30 hookless carbon wheelset. 

With an internal rim width of 30mm, combined with a 25mm high rim profile, the M25/30s have been developed to deal with every kind of off-road terrain.

The dedicated hub shell design can be purchased in 28 hole straight pull and 32 hole J-bend spoke options, allowing customers to combine the proprietary hub with any of the Classified wheel partners, or to build their own wheels as they see fit.

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