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“Carbon fibre is a dark cloud hanging over the cycle industry and it is our responsibility to do something about it”

While cycling is a green mode of transport, bike production may be lagging behind on sustainability. Duncan McCann, IBD Manager for United Wheels, is on a drive to reshape the cycle industry’s relationship with carbon

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Not (just) for kids: Exploring the current state of BMX

The BMX industry may sit on the periphery of the bike trade, but it’s often a portal into cycling for many youngsters. BikeBiz editor Alex Ballinger goes back to his roots to explore the current state of the BMX market

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The Electric Bike Shop’s Iwan Jones: “Our customers are absolutely at the heart of our business processes”

While acceptance of e-bikes has been slower in the UK than the rest of Europe, businesses like The Electric Bike Shop have carved out a place as e-bike specialists. Commercial manager Iwan Jones explains how the chain hopes to continue its rise

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