The first e-bikes with Bosch ABS and Tektro components are expected in Q3 of 2023

Bosch eBike Systems and Tektro announce ABS braking partnership

Bosch eBike Systems has confirmed a partnership with Taiwanese brake specialist Tektro.

The deal, announced at last week’s Taipei Cycle Show, means Tektro brakes will be compatible on all Bosch-powered e-bikes and optimised for ABS.

This is the second brake manufacturer to be confirmed, with the other being Magura.

Claus Fleischer, CEO of Bosch eBike Systems, said: “We are firmly convinced that e-bike ABS will become established on all e-bike types in the long term and will become standard on high-quality e-bikes.

“Alongside Magura, we are now working with another renowned brake manufacturer, Tektro, who are particularly concerned about the safety of e-bikers. We are looking forward to working together.”

The systems will be optimised for ABS modes

Tektro’s braking systems will be available for all Bosch-powered e-bike types, from the eCity and eTrekking bike to the eCargo bike and eMTB.

The systems will be optimised for specially developed ABS modes ABS Touring, ABS Allroad, ABS Cargo and ABS Trail.

For e-MTB, the braking systems of the sporty Tektro brand TRP are also compatible with the Bosch ABS.

The first e-bikes with the Bosch e-bike ABS and Tektro brake components are expected to be available from the third quarter of 2023.

Introduced last year, the new Bosch e-bike ABS system makes braking safer on any surface, reducing the risk of falling or being thrown over the handlebars.

Studies, conducted by Bosch Accident Research, show that if all e-bikes were equipped with ABS, up to 29% of all accidents involving e-bikes could be mitigated or completely prevented each year.

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Earlier this month, Cube launched four different e-bikes with Bosch’s “eBike ABS” system.

The advanced technology is designed to provide cyclists with “unparalleled safety and performance, ensuring a comfortable, safe and stress-free ride”.

On road or off, wet or dry, mud or gravel, it aims to deliver optimal braking performance whilst helping keep riders safe.

With the new ABS system, riders can now brake with both brakes at the same time in a safer and more confident manner.

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