The Bike Club to increase price for Black Friday

The Bike Club is to increase its one-off membership fee to £40 for Black Friday this year, with the entire amount being donated to charity.

It has partnered with the Bike Project, a charity which gives bikes to refugees, for the campaign which aims to “raise awareness of our throw-away society whilst also raising money for a good cause”.

The Bike Club gives its members access to pay monthly kids bikes as part of a hire exchange scheme, with the aim to facilitate a “circular economy which uses access as a sustainable alternative to ownership”.

The Bike Project takes second-hand bikes, fixes them up and donates them to refugees and asylum-seekers.

Co-founder of the Bike Club Alexandra Rico-Lloyd said: “Our economy encourages excess consumption.

“Black Friday perfectly captures this and is the antithesis of what the Bike Club stands for. That’s why this year we’re increasing prices and raising money for a good cause.

“We hope this small act will remind people of our scarce resources and encourage them to only buy what they need on this day of excess.”

The Bike Project said: “We’re delighted that the Bike Club has chosen to support us in this way.

“We think they are really on to something with their brilliant scheme making kids’ bikes accessible and affordable, and, like our online shop selling refurbished bikes, it offers a great alternative to the constant pressure to buy more and buy new.

“All proceeds raised will really help us on our mission to get refugees cycling.”

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