Wolf Tooth launches new Resolve dropper post

Wolf Tooth has launched the new Resolve dropper post.

The patented Resolve technology fully bleeds the system when used, making sure droppers never develop that ‘irksome squish or sag’, said the brand. “Whereas most of the competition relies on internal floating pistons (IFP) which are prone to failure, often prematurely, and with costly repair bills, the Resolve dropper post does away with that faff in place of their patented cartridge, where the proprietary needle and piston keep the cylinder free of air,” said a statement.

“This Resolve cartridge doesn’t have an oil/air barrier making sure you don’t get the same IFP issues.”

The new post has a short stack height, with a streamlined 32mm stack. Couple this with the ability to tune your travel length from their respective 200mm, 160mm and 125mm lengths in 5mm increments and the short minimum insertion hight, makes this 440g dropper ideal for fine tuning your fit for the ‘perfect ride experience’.

Wolf Tooth said it firmly believes in the right to repair, which is why all the individual component parts that make up the Resolve post are all available as spare parts and there are maintenance and rebuild videos available.

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The Resolve dropper post is available now from Wolf Tooth dealers. The brand is distributed in the UK by Saddleback, which recently hosted its house show at its HQ just outside of Bristol.

“The Saddleback House Show allows us to not only show off every model range, be it clothing, bikes or headsets, but we can also mix in unique spaces like the Enve Melee experience room or host a Chris King workshop event,” said the distributor. Check out the full feature here.

The new Resolve dropper post can be found here: https://saddleback.co.uk/products/Wolf-Tooth-Resolve-Dropper-Post.

Earlier this year, Wolf Tooth launched its Echo Lock-On Grips, made for MTB riding. The rubber material is soft and tacky to the touch, while the alternating diagonal pattern of the grip keeps the rider’s hand in place with or without gloves in any conditions, the US-based brand said.

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